Re: Java and Gnome2

Having run Gnome2 for a while now, I realized that all non-AA programs look terribly crappy. This includes and all Java programs. For OO.o, I think I read that there is work going on to maker a Gnome2 port, but what about making a Java VM that uses the Gnome2 libs for rendering? I think such a JVM would make Linux/Gnome2 a very appealing platform for Java! (just like OS X). Of cource it would be nice if GTK2-themeing would affect Java programs as well.

What version of OpenOffice are you running? The fonts should be anti-aliased - they are for me, and have been for as long as I've run it (I think I started at version 641).

I've switched over to OO because the Gnome Office isn't "quite there yet". Plus the GO programs aren't ported to G2 at present.

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