Re: Java and Gnome2

> If you have an OOo build released in the past 8 months (if not 
more), then
> you should have AA fonts. If not, please refer to the 'Unix font
> troubleshooting guide'

Well, it's not the "document" fonts that look ugly (they are AA:ed 
and look fine) - it's the font in the menu&toolbar etc that looks 
absolutely horrid. (The app itself, if you want.) I'll put up a 
screenshot on my website that examplifies as soon as I get back 
on my home machine. 

Wish that one could make the Gnome2 libs overwrite the functions 
in the libc libs, so that all calls to, say, the hypothetical plain libc 
function draw_graphics_widget_foo would instead call the G2 
version - which would AA the fonts. In this way no "plain" libc-apps 
would need to be ported to G2 - they would work out of the box 
(assuming here that OOo uses plain libc functions).

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