Re: Java and Gnome2

On 7 Sep 2002, Sean Middleditch wrote:

> On Sat, 2002-09-07 at 12:37, Mikael Carneholm wrote:
> > Having run Gnome2 for a while now, I realized that all non-AA 
> > programs look terribly crappy. This includes and all 

If you have an OOo build released in the past 8 months (if not more), then
you should have AA fonts. If not, please refer to the 'Unix font
troubleshooting guide'

> > Java programs. For OO.o, I think I read that there is work going on 
> > to maker a Gnome2 port, but what about making a Java VM that 
> I doubt there will bt a gtk2/gnome2 port any time soon.  It'd be about
> as easy as porting KDE to gtk2...

this is not really correct. 

> > uses the Gnome2 libs for rendering? I think such a JVM would 
> > make Linux/Gnome2 a very appealing platform for Java! (just like 
> > OS X). Of cource it would be nice if GTK2-themeing would affect 
> > Java programs as well.
> This I've not clue on how easy/hard/feasible it would be, but it would
> certainly be nice.  Then PCGen could look pretty on my machine.  ~,^

yes, this is one of the things that makes a gtk+2 plaf interesting 8-)
On the other hand, seeing a 'skin' gtk+2 theme would almost do the same,
execpt in teh opposite direction.

> Just as a note, making it run on GTK won't make it *act* like a GTK
> program; custom dialogs will likely have buttons in the wrong order, the
> interfaces as a whole most likely won't be designed around the HIG, etc.

true - on the downside, a lot of good and intersting programsare written
in java and are very unlikely to get ported to C & gtk+2, the maintainers
justifiably spending their time on improving the program and not dealing
with porting. which brings you a very patchy desktop, esp. if you add in a
couple of non-java/non-gtk+2 programs into the mix. 

> I've seen no study to support it, but I'm imagining it may be better for
> users for non-native GTK2/GNOME2 apps to appear different, if for no
> better reason than to make it more obvious they won't behave as they
> expect.  I could very well be extremely wrong there, tho.  ^,^

I suppose this is largely a question of preference. 


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