Re: Problems with Nautilus

On 04 Sep 2002 19:07:46 +0200
Jeroen Benckhuijsen <j f benckhuijsen home nl> wrote:

> Most simpel sollution: install gnome2 on top of gnome1.4 (and thus
> replacing some parts like nautilus). Won't work if you want to be able
> to start gnome1.4. Don't have any sollution for that, maybe tuning your
> path setting will help?
> Jeroen

I decided to have a separate installation for gnome2. gnome-1.4 is still fully availabale in /opt/gnome, gnome2 is installed in /opt/gnome2. I put then /opt/gnome2/bin into PATH before /opt/gnome/bin so that gnome2 programs are called first/instead of the gnome-1.4 programs. If I have to run a gnome-1.4 program with the same name as the gnome2-program (e.g. addressbook) I use then the complete path. Further, the libraries don't get mixed up. All gnome2-libs are separated from gnome-1.4 libs , both lib-paths are in Thus I can run gnome-1.4 application like gnucash, evolution, addressbook 'inside' gnome2 without any problem.


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