Re: Problems with Nautilus

AFAIK, it's rather difficult to run the new version of nautilus (or any
other program), when the old version is still installed.

Problem is: you probably don't start gnome2. Besides that, the session
manager doesn't save the complete path to an application, just the
command. Your search path probably contains /usr/bin first and
/usr/local/bin after that. So when starting the session, it just
executes /usr/bin/nautilus (old version).

Most simpel sollution: install gnome2 on top of gnome1.4 (and thus
replacing some parts like nautilus). Won't work if you want to be able
to start gnome1.4. Don't have any sollution for that, maybe tuning your
path setting will help?


On Wed, 2002-09-04 at 13:55, is118149 mail udlap mx wrote:
> I've been installing/compiling gnome2. It looks like if 
> everything goes good, but ... When i start a session with gnome2
> (installed in /usr/local/) almost everything is called by the desktop 
> belongs to the gnome 1.4 version ( in aRed Hat 7.3 Sustem ).
> The biggest problem is that Nautilus has activated the option
> "Let Nautilus draw the Desktop" or something like that. But i want to 
> use the new version of Nautilus for that ( installed in /usr/local, as
> gnome2 programms and preferences ). 
> So, I desactivate that option, then run the new Nautilus, but when i
> restart the session, it runs again the old version of Nautilus. How could 
> I fix this problem?
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