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> AFAIK, it's rather difficult to run the new version of 
> nautilus (or any
> other program), when the old version is still installed.
> Problem is: you probably don't start gnome2. Besides that, the session
> manager doesn't save the complete path to an application, just the
> command. Your search path probably contains /usr/bin first and
> /usr/local/bin after that. So when starting the session, it just
> executes /usr/bin/nautilus (old version).

Yep. This can be the problem.

This problem can also be sorted by looking at your $HOME/.bash_profile
file (if bash is your shell), and by modifying the PATH variable to see
the newer installed path first and then the older path. 
Something like:

Where the newer version of nautilus is installed.

Hope this helps.


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