Re: sometimes window manger

Rob Brown-Bayliss <rob zoism org> writes:
> I want to have a window manger run for some windows, but not others. 
> I'll explain.
> I have an app that I start for the user on login (instead of
> gnome-session).  The reason being is it's all the users need for their
> job, this one app.  I set it to run in full screen, so like the lack of
> wm borders while it's running, there is no gnome panel to confuse
> things, when the app is closed then the user is automatically logged
> out,  it's a nice simple arrangement.
> The problem is pop windows and dialogs, they are hard left-top, and look
> a bit ugly with out the borders.  What I would like to do is have them
> handled by a wm, but not the main app.  
> Is this possible? 

If you just don't want borders on the main app, call
gtk_window_set_decorated (window, FALSE). 

> And in a semi-related question, how do I get gtk2 to use non-default
> fonts without starting gnome-session?  I have tried lokking in under
> gnome, setting the fonts for the user then going back to the current
> session (the one described above) but the fonts are reset to the
> defaults.

Create a gtkrc file with the font name in it. I forget the exact
syntax and filename.


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