sometimes window manger


I want to have a window manger run for some windows, but not others. 
I'll explain.

I have an app that I start for the user on login (instead of
gnome-session).  The reason being is it's all the users need for their
job, this one app.  I set it to run in full screen, so like the lack of
wm borders while it's running, there is no gnome panel to confuse
things, when the app is closed then the user is automatically logged
out,  it's a nice simple arrangement.

The problem is pop windows and dialogs, they are hard left-top, and look
a bit ugly with out the borders.  What I would like to do is have them
handled by a wm, but not the main app.  

Is this possible? 

And in a semi-related question, how do I get gtk2 to use non-default
fonts without starting gnome-session?  I have tried lokking in under
gnome, setting the fonts for the user then going back to the current
session (the one described above) but the fonts are reset to the



*  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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