Re: Are these "troubles" due to RedHat 8 or Gnome 2 ?

On Fri, 2002-10-11 at 15:54, Geoffrey wrote:
> That is absolute crap.  Windows users change there desktop appearance 
> all the time. 

How often do they change window managers?

Not very often. 

Once you find one you like
you generally stick with it.

A new user will accept the default, 
because they don't know any better
(which is why the default has to be the best for them)
And by the time they're savvy enough to know what a 
window manager is, 
they're savvy enough to know what gconf-editor is too.

Changing "there(sic) desktop appearance" is not the same as changing
their window manager. A user should never need to know what a window
manager is.

> My personal take on gnome 2 is, yes it's definitely less.  Works with 
> fewer other wm, apparently by intention. 

Intention of following a window manager specification, 
which is freely available, anyone can discuss it and free to implement.
Get your window manager to follow the same standard and it'll work fine.

> Fewer applets, applets have 
> less options.

Point to some specific missing (and essential) options
Instead of vague hand waving please.

> I'm an Enlightenment user and with gnome2, there's no longer 
> compatibility, 

Thats a problem with Enlightenment.

> thus I'll be looking at dumping Gnome, rather then 
> accepting the reduction in functionality.

I don't personally care what you do,
but if you're going to criticise, 
please be constructive about it.

"This way of life is so devised,
 To snuff out the mind that moves"

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