Re: anjutas custom file dialog

On Tue, 2002-05-28 at 16:43, Naba Kumar wrote:
> We did not choose to design our own fileselector dialog because of
> pleasure. The simple and plain reason is: GNOME fileselector dialog
> sucks very hard. It's the least functional fileselector dialog I have
> ever seen in my life.

I personally find the anjuta a bit unusual (the rest of the product is

Probably the main functionality I think is missing is support for tab
completion.  I like the way it works in the "standard" gnome one.

I also find it strang you can't type paths into the path field.

Anyway, thanks for a great tool.  I've now moved to anjuta from Emacs
for all my dev work.

Keep up the good work (CVS support pleeeeeeease).

* Simon Wong *

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