Re: anjutas custom file dialog

On Tue, 2002-05-28 at 08:31, Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:
> Hi, does any one know why Anjuta has decided to build it's own file
> dialog?   
> It seems weird that an IDE designed for Gnome seems to go out of it's
> way to not fit in with a gnome desktop...

We did not choose to design our own fileselector dialog because of
pleasure. The simple and plain reason is: GNOME fileselector dialog
sucks very hard. It's the least functional fileselector dialog I have
ever seen in my life.

An IDE inherently requires a more functional fileselector dialog. It
will be handling extension filtering and other things (besides looking
good. :)) and these are not available with the regular GNOME/GTK
fileselector dialog. The natural conclusion, therefore, would be to go
for custom fileselector dialogs.

There had been numerous discussions on this particular topic. Many
people wanted a good and decent fileselector dialog because they were
tired of using the old one. There had been numerous designs for the new
dialog and perhaps they are still working.

Hopefully, some nice looking fileselector dialogs are being worked out
as candidates for GNOME2. Beyond that I don't know anything.


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