Re: couple of questions

Both these answers are predicated on the assumption you're running
enlightenment as your window manager (which I gathered from the email).
If that's not the case ignore everything here!

> 2 - when i place the cursor over a window frame i get the
> explaination of what all teh buttons do (minimise
> horizontal/vertical, that kind of thing)... how do i turn that off?

Right-click somewhere on the desktop to get the settings menu, and
select "Tooltip Settings". You can turn off all tooltips, or just the
root window tooltips (which are the really annoying ones that keep
popping up whenever you leave your mouse in one place for too long). You
can also adjust the time delay that precedes a tooltip popping up.

> another wee question though... on startup the applets i choose are
> slightly rearranged... i like there to be no pixels spacing the CPU and
> network monitor applets... and i have also said this in the control
> centre, but no every startup there still appears a 3 or 4 pixel gap...
> how do i stop this from happening?

When you exit enlightenment the panel is just killed instead of shutting
down cleanly. What you need to do is make your changes, then right click
on the panel somewhere and select "log out". This will close the panel
but not enlightenment. After that you can restart your panel ("nohup
panel &") and you'll see that the changes have been preserved.

Travis Saling
Webmaster, UW Electrical Engineering
trav u washington edu / webmaster ee washington edu
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