couple of questions

hi there,

i just got my gnome 1.4 up and running... althoguh there aer a few
thigns i woudl liek to do which i cant figure out....

1 - the mouse isnt response enough even though i have acceleration up to
full and threshold to teh lowest i can handle.... is there in way to get
a more responsive mouse?

2 - when i place the cursor over a window frame i get the explaination
of what all teh buttons do (minimise horizontal/vertical, that kind of
thing)... how do i turn that off?

3 - is there any way i can send a window to another desktop like i can
in kde?

4 - can i bound the screen so nothing can go off the viewable area?

5 - i only want a cpu and a network applet, nothing else... is there a
way i can install only these two from source, or do i have to do all teh
applets.... i get a compile error anyways compiling all of them.

6 - can i change the colour of the text and background text in the clock

thanks in advance!
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