Re: couple of questions

On Thu, 23 May 2002, Sam Halliday wrote:

> 1 - the mouse isnt response enough even though i have acceleration up to
> full and threshold to teh lowest i can handle.... is there in way to get
> a more responsive mouse?

This is a function of the X server.  If you are using Xfree86 4.x on RH7.2,
then edit /etc/X11/XF86Config and find the InputDevice section.  Add

	Option	"Resolution"	"300"

	or "400" or whatever.  There may be a slick way to make X reread
the config, but the only way I know is to logout and type Ctrl-Alt-Backspace
to restart the X server.

> 2 - when i place the cursor over a window frame i get the explaination
> of what all teh buttons do (minimise horizontal/vertical, that kind of
> thing)... how do i turn that off?

That is a feature of the Enlightenment window manager.  Look more carefully,
and you find that one of the button brings up a menu - and one of menu
options turns off the popup help.

> 3 - is there any way i can send a window to another desktop like i can
> in kde?

I use the Sawfish window manager - and with the theme I have loaded, you
right click on the title bar, and there are menu options to send the window
to other desktops.  I would be very surprised if Enlightment didn't have
a similar function.  Maybe a closer look at that annoying popup help
would be in order.

I can't help you with the rest of your questions.

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