Re: couple of questions

On Thu, May 23, 2002 at 11:24:30PM +0200 or thereabouts, Sam Halliday wrote:
> 1 - the mouse isnt response enough even though i have acceleration up to
> full and threshold to teh lowest i can handle.... is there in way to get
> a more responsive mouse?

You have already used the mouse properties capplet in the control-
centre? I think after that, you'd have to look at X set-up. Tools
for that vary from distro to distro.
> 2 - when i place the cursor over a window frame i get the explaination
> of what all teh buttons do (minimise horizontal/vertical, that kind of
> thing)... how do i turn that off?

That's the window manager you're using. I know enlightenment does
this. I think sawfish may do too. If it's enlightenment, there's
an enlightenment configuration app whose name I forget (long since
since I used it: sorry!). If it's sawfish, the configuration
options should be in the control centre. It is probably called
'balloon help' in the options.
> 3 - is there any way i can send a window to another desktop like i can
> in kde?

This will depend on the window manager. sawfish certainly lets you
do this. I am sure e will do too.
> 4 - can i bound the screen so nothing can go off the viewable area?

Probably. I suspect this is window manager stuff again.

> 5 - i only want a cpu and a network applet, nothing else... is there a
> way i can install only these two from source, or do i have to do all teh
> applets.... i get a compile error anyways compiling all of them.

You could probably edit the gnome-applets Makefile to build only the 
multiload applet, which provides those. I believe they rely on 
libgtop, so you will need that. Another all-in-one monitor applet
is cpumemusage applet, but I don't think that does network monitoring,
so that is not so useful for you. 

> 6 - can i change the colour of the text and background text in the clock
> applet?

There are five clock applets. The default one comes from gnome-core
and is not very configurable. The background of that clock comes 
from your gtk theme, so mine is the same colour as the rest of the
panel: a pale blue like Mozilla's modern theme. The other clock
applets live in gnome-applets (or they do for Gnome 1.4 at least:
some rationalising has gone on for GNOME 2.0 :)). Some of them are
much more configurable.


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