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El vie, 17-05-2002 a las 09:17, Sam Halliday escribió:
> OK, I'm sold on GNOME, i have the Linux from Scratch hint for compiling... 
> what version of gnome is recommended? there are a LOT of dependencies how 
> much space would gnome + deps cost me? i already have gtk+1.2, what 
> dependencies do people think i could skip... i don't really care much for the 
> file manager/ web browser.

You can install Ximian Gnome... It comes with Red Carpet, a very useful
software to keep the system up to date easily.

> also, the reason i used KDE in the first place was because i could make the 
> task bar as small as i want... i have only ever been able to shrink the icons 
> in GNOME, is the task bar size adaptable?

Yes, it is.
> i heard a new beta is out... is that worthwhile, is it source/binary 
> compatible with the apps listed above?

The new beta version is the next generetion of the Gnome
Desktop/Plataform... It is really nice... and yes, its _not_
source/binary compatible with the actual plataform.

But there is a lot of work to port the present apps to the new
plataform, just like happened with Qt2 to Qt3 and KDE2 to KDE3.



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