Re: hello all

On Fri, May 17, 2002 at 04:17:20PM +0200 or thereabouts, Sam Halliday wrote:
> don't worry, I'm not a purist, I'm really low on space!
> OK, I'm sold on GNOME, i have the Linux from Scratch hint for compiling... 

I thought that compiling would take up much more space?

> what version of gnome is recommended? there are a LOT of dependencies how 
> much space would gnome + deps cost me? i already have gtk+1.2, what 
> dependencies do people think i could skip... i don't really care much for 
> the file manager/ web browser.

Nautilus is the file manager, and if you don't want to include that
there are probably quite a few things you can avoid along with it. 

If you must compile it yourself, you could look at the FTP sites and
list the contents of the release you're interested in. GNOME 1.2 is 
old, and you'll only really meet it if you have an old distribution.
GNOME 1.4 is more recent. GNOME 1.4.1 is still rumoured to be on its
way. There is a big jump to GNOME 2.0 in the works, but we are still
at beta stage with that, so you would want the pre-GNOME-2 directory.

Just ls the directory and that will give you a decent idea of the
packages you need to gran. Glancing at it, I'm thinking you could
avoid nautilus and xalf for a start. The others I wouldn't like to
guess on.

The urls you would want are

for the latest snapshot of GNOME 2.0

(fifth toe is a bunch of useful gnome apps not in the main release:
the gnome foot logo only has four toes, you see.. :))

I must confess that I don't recommend meeting GNOME for the first
time by compiling it. I try to avoid it myself. :) 

Jeff Waugh's Garnome page will give you a run-down of things you
need on the box even to be able to compile it. This might be a 
decent list for trying to compile most versions of GNOME.

> i heard a new beta is out... is that worthwhile, is it source/binary 
> compatible with the apps listed above?

Not everything is ported over to the new libraries (which is the
point of the big jump to 2.0). However, you can install both next
to each other. I'm not sure this is too useful if you are trying to
save space though.


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