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Hello Rob,

El mié, 15-05-2002 a las 15:51, Rob Brown-Bayliss escribió:
> HI, is any one actually using OpenOffice or Gnome for real work? (as in
> non geek work).

Yes, I use Gnome... and rarely I use StarOffice or OpenOffice

I have been using linux since Red Hat 6.2, then Mdk 7.2, 8, 8.1 and
lately in my home I'm using Mdk 8.2 (with OO)

At work I'm still using Mdk 8.0 with Ximian Gnome... So far its pretty
stable to me.

> I have had a release of OO on my PC for a few weeks (and have used Gnome
> since the redhat 5.2 days), the last one before OO 1.0 came out and have
> tried to use it a couple of times, but found that it's quite likely to
> crap out...

I haven't tested OO in a deeply way, so I can't talk about it.
> But the problem I have is that I use Gnome, swear by it, but almost with
> out fail if showing someone how it works some thing craps out, The Gimp
> will crash when cutting, OO when spell checking or saving, Some Nautilus
> side bar will not load and give an error message etc.
> When I think about it, none of the apps I use are as stable as the non
> gnome side of the system - apache, squid, postgres and linux it's self
> are all very stable, but the desktop isn't 
> I use all the ximian stuff as I believe it has been checked out but
> don't know how much checking is done.
> How are the rest of you finding things.  Evolution, Gnucash and Gnumeric
> (i dont use gnumeric often) are the only apps I feel certain wont bomb
> on me... 

Well, at work I'm using this software frequently:

Gnome Software (Ximian):
- Evolution 1.0.5 (Very often)
- Gaim 0.55 (Very often)
- Galeon 1.2.0 (Very often)
- Glimmer 1.0.8 (Very often)
- Gkrellm 1.2.8 (Very often)
- XMMS 1.2.6 (All the time  ;-))
- Gimp 1.2.3 (Often, to edit and enhance some images)
- AbiWord 1.0.1 (Some times to read and edit letters and attachments)
- Gnumeric 1.0.4 (Some times)
- Gftp 2.0.11 (Some times to search and download some files)
- Red Carpet 1.3 (Some times to update software)
- X Chat 1.8.7 (Rarely)
- Some other minor gnome apps...

Non-Gnome Software:
- Apache 1.3.24 (Very often)
- PHP 4.1.2 (Very often)
- Oracle Client Libraries, SQLPlus (Very often)
- MySQL (Some times)
- Star Office 5.2 (Rarely for heavye word processing)
- Apache 2.0.35 (Rarely, for testing purpose)
- PHP 4.2.0 (Rarely, for testing purpose)

I'm a Web Developer in Colombia and I can tell you that this gnome apps
are great and quite stable.  The most conflictive one have been AbiWord,
but the last release seems to be pretty solid.

With Gimp 1.2.1 I had serious stability problems, it crshed every 5
minutes, but 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 are working very good so far.

I'm using the linux kernel 2.4.17 compiled by my self and usually I
never shutdown my computer.  I remember that I had my machine turned on
for 45 days and I had to turn it off because I get out for my vacations 



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