RE: configurablity in gnome2 seems to of vanished

On Mon, 2002-06-17 at 11:42, mike redtux demon co uk wrote:
> J G A v Riswick tue nl wrote:

> > 
> > 1. For example in sawfish I can no longer find an entry in the sawfish
> > menu to allow me to 'automatically remember window sizes' ( I love this
> > as I only have a poxy 14" monitor that can do a max of 1024x768 and
> > opening a nautilus window nearly takes up the full screen, so in G1.4 i
> > used to shrink it down and lower the icons percentage and get sawfish to
> > remember the window dimensions, alas no more in G2.
> It should automatically work - if not a bug report should be filed

Could it just be my setup? as it has happened on every past 3 releases
including Rc1.


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