Drap and Drop In Gnome 2


I have a few basic questions regarding drag and dropping in Gnome2,
compared to Gnome 1.4.

On the top menu panel, If I create an launcher on there & ( at a latter
date ), I wish to drag that to the desktop, I get the following error:

"Drag and Drop is only supported to local file systems"

This used to work in 1.4, now it seems to of changed.

Also I've tried to create symlinks to folders on my desktop or another
window in Nautilus, but It just keeps copying them rather than linking
them, on 1.4 I could hold down the (I think) shift key and that would
create a link rather than copying the whole directory ( I know you can
right click and create a link, then drag that to the destination, but
its clumsy and slow), is there another way in Gnome 2 to do this.

Thanks again


p.s ( I remember reading somewhere about using Alt, but I tried this as
well and it doesn't seem to work)

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