I am going to try this again. : )

I have gnome2 up and running under my LFS Linux system.  I compiled
Gnome2 from source without a hitch.  My ~/.xinitrc file has
"exec gnome-session --enable-sound".  However, I get now sound
from GNOME!  This just really bugs me because everything else works
great.  The new Gnome/GTK2 look is very nice.  Is there any suggestions
as to where I can look to see why I don't get any sound events?
Does anyone eles get sound from Gnome2?  I know it has nothing to do
with hardware or sound settings.  I get sound everywhere else.  Just
not from Gnome's events.

Jim Drabb

James Drabb JR - Programmer Analyst - Orlando, FL - JDrabb cfl rr com

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