Re: gnome-terminal 2 reszing?

On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 08:33, mike infoleak org wrote:
> >>      I have gnome2 happily up and running, and most everything is fine
> >>      except one little problem.  gnome-terminal windows will not resize
> >>      when I click and drag on the window border.
> >>      I have checked all through the settings to find something
> relevant,
> >>      but I cannot. All other windows can be resized just fine, but the
> >>      terminals cannot, though they can be maximized. This is no huge
> >>      deal, but I'm at a loss as to why it doesn't work.  Thanks in
> >>      advance.
> >
> >There'sno reason that I know of that gnome-terminal would refulse to
> >resize. I'd guess it's a window manager issue.
> >
> >What's your window manager?
> >
> >--Ben
> I'm using sawfish 2.0, built from the gnome-desktop-2.0-final sources from
>  All the other gnome components are bulit from there as well,
> with no special options.  The build was very clean, no weird stuff.  I've
> been through all the sawfish settings and I can't find anything
> wrong...the bindings are essentially default,  and every other window
> still resizes fine.  I did notice that I get a beep when I try to move the
> window border (like it's not allowed to move?) I've also been through
> the gnome-terminal settings and docs...nothing. I'm basically stumped.


Does this happen to other character-based windows like xterm and emacs?

What happens when you try this with anothr window manager?

This will tell you if
(a) it's Sawfish, in which case it sounds like a bug or
(b) it's a gnome-terminal problem.


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