gnomecal: "Error loading calendar: Could not load the calendar"

While editing appointments, my system crashed (AMD sucks). When the system came back up, gnomecal came up fine, but all my appointments were gone. I found ~/.gnome/user-cal.vcf and ~/.gnome/user-cal.vcf~ and viewing them showed that the data was still there. When I load gnomecal from the command line, I get the error "Error loading calendar: Could not load the calendar". How do I get my appointments back?

I've googled for this problem, found others who've experienced a similar problem, but haven't found a solution. I've read the docs, but haven't found this issue addressed. Wasn't able to find anything on the gnome website either.

I'm using gnomecal version 1.2.0 on Linux kernel 2.4.7-10 (RedHat 7.2).

Please cc ken cleveland lug net as I'm not subscribed to this list.

Please help me get the appointments back.


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