Re: gnome-terminal 2 reszing?

>>      I have gnome2 happily up and running, and most everything is fine
>>      except one little problem.  gnome-terminal windows will not resize
>>      when I click and drag on the window border.
>>      I have checked all through the settings to find something
>>      but I cannot. All other windows can be resized just fine, but the
>>      terminals cannot, though they can be maximized. This is no huge
>>      deal, but I'm at a loss as to why it doesn't work.  Thanks in
>>      advance.
>There'sno reason that I know of that gnome-terminal would refulse to
>resize. I'd guess it's a window manager issue.
>What's your window manager?

I'm using sawfish 2.0, built from the gnome-desktop-2.0-final sources from  All the other gnome components are bulit from there as well,
with no special options.  The build was very clean, no weird stuff.  I've
been through all the sawfish settings and I can't find anything
wrong...the bindings are essentially default,  and every other window
still resizes fine.  I did notice that I get a beep when I try to move the
window border (like it's not allowed to move?) I've also been through
the gnome-terminal settings and docs...nothing. I'm basically stumped.

mike c

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