how to start up gnome correctly


I have installed redhat 7.0 and set the runlevel to 5.
It runs gnome automatically but not quite yet. I see 3
panels instead of just 1 display screen. There is
problem with display.

Hence, I upgraded Xfree86 from version 4.0.1a to
4.2.0. Now, X server is started automatically when the
runlevel is 5. However, it displays the X term windows
and Xclock. This is not the desktop that I want. I
want to see gnome running automatically. 

If I were to manually type gnome-session, gnome is
started but it tells me that the window manager is not
running well supported.

So, how do I get gnome to run correctly when I set the
runlevel to 5? How do I do the tunings?

thank you.

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