Re: Fonts with Gtk2

Knut Neumann <knut neumann uni-duesseldorf de> writes:

> Am Mit, 2002-07-10 um 12.52 schrieb Owen Taylor:
> > Are you sure you didn't upgrade FreeType at the same time? I
> Quite sure. At least I did not compile it from source (might have been
> updated from apt-get). But AFAIU every font access to ttfonts through X
> is done with freetype...and before updating Xft and stuff I could access
> _every_ ttfont from xfontsel - but it did not show up in
> gnome-font-properties as long as GDK_USE_XFT was exported to have
> AA.Still this might have been that freetype just not listed them when
> asked for AA capable fonts (dont know how that works exactly).

Actually, X still uses freetype1 to access TrueType fonts, not


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