Re: Fonts with Gtk2

To be a bit more precise:

Remember to distinguish client side from server side rendering of fonts.

XFree86 4.2 and earlier uses Freetype1 for its rendering (server and
font server).  Work is underway to replace this with Freetype2 in
(hopefully) XFree86 4.3.  Dunno if this is checked into XFree86 CVS
yet or not.

If you are using Xft, you are using freetype2 when rendering characters
(client side); this is how you get antialiased fonts in Gnome 2.

The other hoped for change (not yet implemented) will be to get XFree86 
to use Fontconfig for its fonts, so that client and server side configuration 
can be unified/shared (and thereby simplify the XFree86 config file as 
well).  Hopefully will get done sometime later this summer.  Xft1 has 
(in XFree86 CVS) already been updated to use Fontconfig, to stamp out 
another place to mess up font configuration.

So hopefully the large cloud of font dust (and the major swamp of font 
configuration) starts to settle over the next few months...

					- Jim

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> Subject: Re: Fonts with Gtk2
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> Knut Neumann <knut neumann uni-duesseldorf de> writes:
> > Am Mit, 2002-07-10 um 12.52 schrieb Owen Taylor:
> > > Are you sure you didn't upgrade FreeType at the same time? I
> >
> > Quite sure. At least I did not compile it from source (might have been
> > updated from apt-get). But AFAIU every font access to ttfonts through X
> > is done with freetype...and before updating Xft and stuff I could access
> > _every_ ttfont from xfontsel - but it did not show up in
> > gnome-font-properties as long as GDK_USE_XFT was exported to have
> > AA.Still this might have been that freetype just not listed them when
> > asked for AA capable fonts (dont know how that works exactly).
> Actually, X still uses freetype1 to access TrueType fonts, not
> freetype2.
> Regards,
>                                         Owen
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