Re: Fonts with Gtk2

Am Mit, 2002-07-10 um 10.10 schrieb Owen Taylor:
> Fonts for Xft are configured in /etc/X11/XftConfig; you need
> to make sure that the directory you have the MS fonts installed
> in is listed.

Oh, I guess you misunderstood me: I had a directory with ttfonts from
which only _some_ fonts showed up in gnome-font-properties. while ms
fonts worked without any problems some other fonts downloaded from the
net did not work (though even some of those did work too).

But it seems like I already solved the problem by installing
fontconfig/Xft1/Xft2/XRender from Keith Packards download site and
recompiling pango and gtk+ from cvs head. So it seems it has been a Xft



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