Re: Menus - I dont' get gnome2 (reprise)

Rob Brown-Bayliss <rob zoism org> writes: 
> I know it's a bit late now, but wouldn't it have been nice to have had a
> system setup that way, some where the root user could set the users to
> either novice or advanced, and if a user is novice then many options are
> simply hidden from them, like the aforementioned "kill" thus letting
> others carry on as before?

One reason not to do this is that it allows the 1% of users who know
how to fix things for real to work around problems, while leaving 99%
of users stuck with the problems. This is why you want to look for
real solutions instead of stuffing the UI full of workarounds.

In this specific case, Metacity does have a nicer solution. And if you
get in an infinite loop there's always killall in a terminal, or
xkill. If those are a bit inconvenient, I hope it will encourage the
1% to fix Mozilla, or at least file a Mozilla bug report! ;-)


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