Re: Menus - I dont' get gnome2 (reprise)

Gregory Merchan wrote:

On Thu, Jul 04, 2002 at 07:08:35AM -0400, bordoley msu edu wrote:

. . . since ideally programs should never crash. (plus kill in the window list was xkill so it just disconnected the app from the xserver). A better solution to this problem is the one provided by metacity. If a program becomes unresponsive, metacity popups a dialog asking the user if they want to kill the application. But metacity actually kills the app using killall. This is a much better ui overall.

I wonder how it does killall when the client program runs on a remote host.

Just clarifying.. that if the entire Gnome dektop+metacity is running remotely, metacity's 'hang detector' will succesfully be able to kill the hung windows process ( not xkill method).

However, if a single window is run remotely under gnome+metacity on a different PC, metacity can simply disconnect the window (xkill method). In most cases, disconecting the window is adequate..if its not, a kill -9 is probably needed any way.


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