Re: Menus - I dont' get gnome2 (reprise)

The point is that having kill in the window list menu is pretty crack, since 
ideally programs should never crash. (plus kill in the window list was xkill 
so it just disconnected the app from the xserver). A better solution to this 
problem is the one provided by metacity. If a program becomes unresponsive, 
metacity popups a dialog asking the user if they want to kill the 
application. But metacity actually kills the app using killall. This is a 
much better ui overall.


Rob Brown-Bayliss <rob zoism org> said:

> And all really beside the point.
> I understand the concept of "joe sixpack wont get it" and realise that
> this is why a whole lot of usefull stuff is missing.
> It's a shame teh gnome 2 developers didn't take a good look at the way
> nautilus used to do it, that is having some items hidden from users who
> choose to represent them selves as a novice etc.
> I know it's a bit late now, but wouldn't it have been nice to have had a
> system setup that way, some where the root user could set the users to
> either novice or advanced, and if a user is novice then many options are
> simply hidden from them, like the aforementioned "kill" thus letting
> others carry on as before?
> certianly this would be more fun than stuffing around clicking arrows in
> the "i wanabe a windows registry" configuration editor hopping to find a
> chack box that has what you want, instead it could have simply been
> there, where it was, but hidden from my other users.
> Any way, just me whishing I had mentiond this two years ago...

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