Gnome 1.4 in Cygwin - WORKING!

I've just managed to sucsessfully compile Gnome 1.4 in Cygwin, with the options --prefix=/usr/local --disable-nls. I had to make a few changes, but it works. I'm currently working on GGV, but everything before that works fine!
The problem is that everything is .a files, so you need to statically link everything together, this comes up with big files, or you will get errors. For example I had to create a libgnorbit.a with the files from libgnorba.a and libOrbitCosnaming.a for the compilation of something, but it works.

The one problem is that imlib will not load ANYTHING! I've compiled ImageMagick for cygwin, but it still says 'all fallbacks failed', and so most the pictures don't work, but heh - gnome-xbill works! and most the others. If you want any more info, email me @ k0diak theministryofdefence com, and I will see what I can do.


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