Re: GNOME info

On Thu, 2002-02-28 at 15:38, Staven Bruce wrote:

> > Our Office is in the process of implementing serveral Linux servers for
> > everything from BIND to NFS to APACHE. My posistion is that GNOME is a
> > lightweight, flexible UI to standardize on for all of our servers. However,
> > we have some pretty KDE focused folks in the group and I am trying to come
> > up with every possible reason I can as to why we shouldn't use KDE on our
> > servers. Any reasons, ideas, rants you might have would be appreciated!

Okay, these are servers we are talking about. Why are they running X and
a wm/Desktop Environment anyway? Servers need only a console -
especially if you plan to expose them to the Internet! Reason for not
using KDE (or GNOME for that matter) on your **servers**: they shouldn't
be running a gui in the first place!! Now, running the ltsp setup is a
different matter altogether.

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