Re: GNOME info

Well, with the current implementation on Linux, KDE *is* a lot slower,
uses more memory, mostly because its in C++ - the object linking takes
time (slower) and uses a lot of memory.

Also, KDE has some weird hack to make applications launch faster
(something to do with kdeinit), although if one application messes that
process up (not hard), then all of KDE is fscked until you logout/login
again.  I've had this behaviour on a couple different distros/machines,
so I think it may be somewhat widespread and common.

In any event, on a server, resource usage and stability should be pretty
important.  Thus, I'd go for GNOME on servers (even tho on every desktop
system I've had to deploy here at my work, save my own, I've gone with
KDE over GNOME 1.x. solely for ease of use reasons).

On Thu, 2002-02-28 at 15:38, Staven Bruce wrote:
> Hi All,
> Our Office is in the process of implementing serveral Linux servers for
> everything from BIND to NFS to APACHE. My posistion is that GNOME is a
> lightweight, flexible UI to standardize on for all of our servers. However,
> we have some pretty KDE focused folks in the group and I am trying to come
> up with every possible reason I can as to why we shouldn't use KDE on our
> servers. Any reasons, ideas, rants you might have would be appreciated!
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