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On 18 Feb 2002 19:17:53 +0100
Mario Vukelic <mario vukelic chello at> wrote:

> > Actually,
> > running it from the terminal, I saw gconf having some complaints about
> > type mismatches while running through the galeon settings, but besides
> > that, everything's now again working the way I'd like it to.
> BTW you may me interested in this

Hmmm.... neat thing. :) Just signed up there, seems to be a pretty
low-traffic list anyhow. :) Btw even while mostly using gnome/gtk -
related software on my desktop, I am running with the XFCE desktop now for
quite some years since it seem to be less ressource-hungry than the latest
GNOMEs and KDEs, but GNOME 1.4, even while being unusably slow on my
machine, looks just amazingly great, so I am even more curious to see 2.0
one day. Good thing that 1.4 made it into slackware even without an
'official' (?) Ximian build ;) 
> > I'm happy to read that. :)
> It gets more enfuriating by the day. I'm preparing emigration to .de
> (bad choice, but easiest)

Indeed, bad choice, I'd really think about this, twice, .de ain't a great
place at the moment (at least while looking at the government and the
political world of 'our' country). To say it with the words of Die Krupps:
"Is this the place I used to call fatherland?" But probably there's place
on a different list for discussions like that. :)


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