galeon trouble...

Hi all,...

...being not sure whether or not this belongs here, but since I couldn't
get help anywhere else, I'm asking right away: Actually, I am running
(better: trying to run) galeon 1.0.2 on top of a slackware-8 system,
including mozilla 0.9.7 and pre-compiled gnome packages from Whenever I am launching galeon, a bright white window
without anything inside is all I get, so the browser (sadly) is absolutely
unusable at the moment. I am having a menu working inside this white
screen while clicking the right mouse button, but besides this, nothing
else is working there. While running galeon from inside an xterm, a 

Gdk-CRITICAL **: file gdkcolor.c: line 546 (gdk_color_parse): assertion
`spec != NULL' failed.

Gdk-CRITICAL **: file gdkcolor.c: line 546 (gdk_color_parse): assertion
`spec != NULL' failed.

is the only error I get, nothing unusual to report besides this. Can
anyone give me a hint on how to get this problem solved? It's almost
unbearable being stuck with the huge mozilla itself or with netscape and
its frequent crashes on a system that works so incredibly well, besides
this. :)

TIA and have a nice day...

Kristian Rink
paper: +49 180 5052 5560 8162 -- phone: +49 174 5360871
icq  : 107186898 (Kawazu) -- irc  : #metal on IRCNet (Kawazu)

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...deadly touch of fire, merciless invaders...
...created by humanity, against humanity.
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