Re: Gnome2 and viewports

Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> writes:
> Bob Giesen <BobGiesen earthlink net> writes:
> > 
> >    I agree wholeheartedly about the utility of viewports.  I recently 
> > started using Gnome & Sawfish and have decided to stick with them -- 
> > but will have to reconsider (and almost definitely change) if they go 
> > with a single workspace.
> > 
> See my other response. You aren't understanding what "remove
> viewports" means. (It certainly doesn't mean a single workspace.)

I should add, there's no reason you _should_ understand it - few
people do. That's why we're removing the whole viewports vs. desktops

KDE did this long ago, btw.


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