Re: Gnome2 and viewports

On Thursday 14 February 2002 01:11 pm, Travis Saling wrote:
> Hey there all,
> I didn't want to bring this up on gnome-devel because 1) I'm not
> currently a developer and 2) they are rather busy right now. ;-) 
> But...
> Is it true that Gnome2 is going to be eliminating support for
> viewports? If so, I think it sucks; doubly so since Gnome/Sawfish
> doesn't seem to have a simple non-keystroke method of switching
> between workspaces (a la Enlightenment's mousewheel support). I
> find viewports quite handy; when I'm forced to use Windows, the
> first thing I do is make sure jspager is installed. :-)
> Maybe I'm an atypical user, but I find the viewport+edge-flipping
> functionality quite indispensable when I'm working with a lot of
> files at once, for example in gimp - it allows me to easily and
> temporarily isolate a specific window I'm working with. Much easier
> than "menu" -> "move to" or having to drag things around using the
> deskguide (then switching workspaces, then ...).
> Anyone know about this? Maybe I just need to get my ears cleaned
> out better... feel free to tell me I'm wrong; I'd love to hear it.

   I agree wholeheartedly about the utility of viewports.  I recently 
started using Gnome & Sawfish and have decided to stick with them -- 
but will have to reconsider (and almost definitely change) if they go 
with a single workspace.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it." -- Unknown

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