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On Mon, 2002-12-09 at 10:53, Jlawrence tacenergy com wrote:
> Hello to all!
> Today is my first day being a member of the Gnome general mailing list.  I
> wanted to introduce myself to everyone before I ask any questions.

Welcome to the list.

> I am currently running RH 7.3 with Gnome 1.4 and having a blast with it.
> I'm finding that it does everything that I need it to do and then some.


> Unfortunately, I think I am a few revisions behind (the most current seems
> to be 2.0), so I'm going to start trying to get all of the packages
> downloaded and installed.  

There are many answers to this.

First, while 2.0 has been and many actively use it, my impression
(please correct me if I'm wrong) is that end users are not generally
using it yet. If you like messing around with your computer, or are
prepared to do an OS upgrade, by all means, upgrade to 2.0. 

Second, (contradicting the above) most distros have GNOME2 packages now.
Most notably, RedHat 8. There are also frequent development builds that
can be found on RedCarpet from Ximian.

On the other hand, if you are content with what gnome1.4 offers and
don't like upgrading things all the time, wait for GNOME2.2.


> Is there anyone that will provide these packages on CD for those who do not
> wish to download them?
> Many thanks!
> Josh Lawrence
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