Re: Speed suggestions (previously about laptop performace)

Soeren Sandmann writes:
|One problem with both methods is that the top of the stack is not a
|normal frame when you are inside a signal handler. To work around
|this, I believe Eazel's profiler just ignores the top frame, which
|means that the traces it generates start from the second frame, which
|means that leaf procedures are never accounted for. This could account
|for the lying.

Yes, that's right. I just used tried skipping various numbers of frames
until I got something that looked almost correct

|The way to generate a stack trace from inside a signal handler is
|like this (obviously platform dependent - this is for linux/x86):

Thanks! I didn't know about this trick. The no-leaf-frames problem in
prof has been bugging me a lot recently, I'll use this to fix it.. :-)


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