Re: Some questions and tips

I seem to have missed the start of this thread.

On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 03:10:28PM +1000 or thereabouts, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Sandeep Khanna">
> > >Are you asking why the preformance is better on your desktop, or on your
> > >laptop?
> > >
> > Yes, My question is that why is the GUI performance in Linux so poor on 
> > laptops as compared to desktops? And what more can be done to improve 
> > it. My graphics card is Trident CyberBlade i7d with 8 Mb VRAM and I am 
> > using the trident driver for X which is not accelerated and I do not 
> > wish to pay for commercial accelerated drivers.
> You have a crap video card on your laptop. With a good video card, you get
> good drivers and speed.

Perhaps laptops are cheap and plentiful in Australia. But I got the
laptop I (well, my husband) could afford. And there is no way I can
just acquire another video card to stuff in it. I'm not opening 
that thing up again. Once was enough (putting in the maximum RAM
it would take). 

So I don't think this is a very helpful explanation. 

> > One thing I noted was that KDE 2.x with the latest Mandrake 8.2 is much
> > much faster than it's previous releases and also faster than GNOME !!!
> We're not too concerned.

GNOME speed (or lack of it) concerns me. Although this is slightly
separate from the broader issue of "GUI performance on laptops
running Linux".


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