Re: mozilla do not work

Jordi Castells wrote:
sorry but I do not have luck, I try to start several time (4 or 5) with
the same problem, only the menu bar

I start mozilla using a panel button that call command mozilla, I also
to enable run from terminal but no messages apear in the terminal window

how stable is the last version and where can I find it?

thanks for your help

You get the latest version here: (it's from CVS)

Basically the builds in CVS are quite stable at this time, because Mozilla is getting near 1.0 It has gotten some major improvements, but also an annoying bug (That's why you get this message twice,
because Reply-All is currently a little bit broken)

But for the rest, it runs really good.

BTW, what happens if you click CANCEL when it asks you to convert the Netscape Profile ? Funny is that there are no messages when you run it from the terminal. Did you wait long enough ? What machine do you have ? Mozilla didn't perfom well on 200 Mhz for example and you may have to wait about 30+ Sekunds to have Mozilla come up. The newer Builds perform much better, I'm compiling Mozilla every 2 or 3 days, so soon as the Reply-All bug is gone, I compile again, could get you access to my build. I normally compile with hight optimizations so this makes Mozilla just a little bit faster than normal.


P.S. Sorry for the dupes I can't do better right now

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