Re: mozilla do not work

Jordi Castells wrote:
hi all,

I am using Suse 7.2 and Ximian 1.4

From last update using redcarpet, mozilla do not work, it start but only
the window with the title apear, nothing more

I try to delete the .mozilla directory, then start mozilla, it ask me
about converting profile from netscape, I accept, and after a while it
finish the conversion but no window is displayed

Any idea what is wrong?

thanks a lot

Yes at some time the Mozilla was broken in that way that it did not come
up again
after converting the profile. But it is really not bad, because you have
just to start Mozilla then again and it comes up.

2. Alternative build a current Mozilla, the one of yesterday doesn't
have this. (Do this only if you do not want to hit the Mozilla button
twice :-)


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