Re: Exit GNOME login...

At 7:58 AM +1200 9/25/01, Renze de Ruiter wrote:
On Tue, 2001-09-25 at 05:25, Andrew O. Mellinger wrote:

     Is there an easy way to exit the GNOME login back to the console?
 Is there some special login name, or command sequence?

Depending on your distro, you could have several virtual terminals
already running.  Pressing Ctrl-Alt-F1 will get you to the first one (I
have six - F1 to F6), and (again, depending on your distro - my example
is for Red Hat) Ctrl-Alt-F7 will get you back to your X terminal.  You
can do this at any time, and you can be logged in on any of them at any

Ahh! I had tried that (sort of). Usually it is simply Alt-Fx to switch terminals and that doesn't work anymore. But I tried your suggestionb of the Ctrl-Alt-Fx combination and that works wonderfully!

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