Re: gmc where did it go?

As far as |I am aware - have used straight 1.4 and roswell 1.4 gmc is
still there - just not on menu sometimes (depending on setup) type gmc
in a term nd it should appear - do it all the time to look at rpms an
On Sat, 2001-09-08 at 09:14, jik foxinternet net wrote:
> In using gnome over a LAN connection I further realised that nautilus is
> just WAY too slow to use it for the desktop and filemanager.  It offers
> more, but is too heavy to perform that simple task.  It is really
> unfortunate that it has taken the place of the old file manager which
> was much lighter and did everything it was supposed to just fine.
> That said, where is the old one?  I tried finding it on freshmeat and
> the gnome site and couldn't.  I think that I would really preffer to use
> it, for the most part I have been not using the desktop because nautilus
> is just too heavy...even on my TBird.  Hell, it won't even start up with
> gnome so what the hell?
> So if anyone can direct me to gmc cool...and a suggestion to the gnome
> developers...nautilus sucks dog dung.  There are just numerous things
> broken about it from a useability standpoint and should never have
> replaced an operational component.  Having something that heavy in
> charge of the desktop icons is not at all necissary and was a big big
> mistake.
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