debugging gnome pager

I can't switch gnome's desktop pager from the keyboard.

Running RH 7.1, to which I added Gnome 1.4, and am using Enlightenment
desktop. The pager works with mouseclick, but not from the keyboard
(Alt-FN). Enlightenment's pager does not accept keyboard inputs,
either, even when pager enabled and keybindings properly set. I had
previously been running gnome's pager under Enlightenment with
defaults, but had to reinstall RH, etc., and it no longer works.

How do I debug the gnome pager? In the case of Enlightenment's pager,
I at least know there's a configuration file set up properly for the
keybindings and that keyboard inputs reach it, so the problem is
apparently at a deeper level. How are gnome's keybindings set, and how
do I debug them?



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