Re: reboot doesnt clear gnome session history

On Fri, 2001-10-05 at 17:40, Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero wrote:
> bfrantzdale orion ac hmc edu (2001-10-05 at 1520.29 -0700):
> > > After every reboot of my machine, gnome brings up
> > > all xterms and other X windows I had on my machine
> > > before rebooting.
> > I believe you have to close you'r programs, then log out.
> He has to turn off the save session (Control Center / Session /
> Session Options / Automatically save session changes to session). So
> the computer tidies the mess, not the user. He can have the Prompt
> option to on, so he can save if he changes something that wants to be
> permanent.

We (at ximian) are working on a patch for gnome-core that asks the user
if he wants his session restored when the user doesn't log out from
GNOME properly. It should be easy to extend it to not restore the
session afterwards.


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