Re: Can't compile Control Center on Solaris

> I'm on Solaris 8. I don't think one single Gnome component compiled out of
> the box... I've had to to all kinds of nasty things, like simlinking
> header files all over, to commenting certain checks out of the configure
> scripts, changing code... I don't even remember anymore. I should've kept
> a diary.

yeah, i started keeping personal readme's in every directory so when i
go to upgrade a package i know what i hacked in the last one to get it
to work.  

Just because it might help someone, i'll go ahead and list the top
couple problems i've had compiling gnome on solaris:

1- NONE of the tools that rely on the image or compression libs (libpng,
libjpeg, libtiff, libbzip2, etc) find the libs/headers correctly in
    i just symlink all the headers/libs into the src directory, and/or
    change configure to use #include "header.h" not #include <header.h>
2- xml-i18n-* tools all throw errors on a line like:
	Error in option spec: "help|h|?"
    fixed by finding line with "help|h|?" and removing the "|?"
3- libtool is wacked in some packages... i just use the one from esound
4- some projects run link with -s -f, which doesn't work on solaris...
this is non-trivial to fix.

if it makes you feel better, i DO have gnome compiled and running very
well, so it does work, even if a little annoying....



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