Re: Gnome or KDE?

- Any general commentary about your experience and why you prefer it.  I see
lots of comments that say "this one is better", but honestly, I rarely see
meaty reasons, if much of a reason at all.

Personally I prefer GNOME to KDE because, well, when I used KDE (long, long ago -- as far as a person of my age can say that, anyway, KDE2 wasn't out then), it was just ugly and didn't 'feel well' to me. So I switched to GNOME and have used it ever since. However, when I saw KDE2 I was surprised: It feels nearly identically to GNOME but (IMO) the themes look way better. I am, of course, very optimistic about GNOME2 in concerning this (and about KDE3, too). You'll just have to try both. Why's there a problem having both installed and switching between them?

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