Problems with pan-images

I haven't heard much about this anywhere, but was wondering if other
people are having the same problem with Pan.

I'm trying to use the Pan with images (allows you to view images inline,
without having to use a helper app), so I downloaded the latest
pan-images rpm's (0.9.7pre5) and tried to install them.  Doing this
failed on the dependency check saying that pan needed
So I looked in /usr/lib/ and I had the following:

libgtkhtml.a -> ->

However, the documentation on Pan's website says that it should work
with gtkhtml 0.8.3 and higher, and Ximian has installed gtkhtml 0.9.2.
Looking at the gtkhtml 0.8.3 package, it would indeed install, but I can't install it because it says that gtkhtml
0.9.2 is already installed and I can't uninstall 0.9.2 because a lot of
other Gnome packages depend on it.  So I'm caught!

I ended up creating a link called pointing to and this works for images that are contained in one
message, but if there are any multipart images, it only grabs the first

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else ran into this problem, and if I
handled it correctly.  If not, what else should I try to do to fix it?


P.S.  I'm using RedHat 7.0 with latest Ximian Gnome.

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